Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Kharag Singh Da Prasang and Shiv Ji

Kharag Singh Da Prasang in Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, was read by the Shahid Singhs. It is said Baba Deep Singh by reading this bani, was able to keep fighting, even while being decapitated.
Dr. Harbhajan Singh writes that Kharag Singh represents the Khalsa. This is dialogue and battle between Kharag Singh (The King) and Shiv Ji:

Shiva spoke in anger, "O king ! why are you so proud? Do not indulge in strife with us; you will see just now what strength we have!
If you have greater courage, then why are you delaying, why do you not take your bow and arrows in your hands? You have a very large body and by piercing it with my arrows, I shall lighten it."1505.
Speech of Kharag Singh addressed to Shiva:
O Shiva ! why are you so proud? Now when there will be dreadful fighting, you will run away; with the infliction of a single arrow, all your army will dance like a monkey;All the army of the ghosts and fiends will be vanquished and there will be no survivor; O Shiva ! listen, this earth saturated with your blood will wear the red garb today."
Hearing these words, Shiva held up his bow and arrows and pulling his bow upto his ear, he discharged the arrow, which struck the face of the king; it appeared that Garuda had caught the king of the snakes.1507.
Then the king struck his lance, which hit the chest of Shiva; it appeared that the ray of the sun was hovering over the lotus.1508.
Saying this, the king took out his large dagger and in anger hurled it on the body of Shiva; after striking the blow of the dagger on the body of Shiva, the king roaring like the sea challenged him;Shiva fell down with the blow of the dagger; his necklace of skulls slipped and fell down; somewhere his bull fell down and somewhere his trident fell down.1523.

The Shiva became somewhat conscious and he fled away from the war-arena; other ganas, ran away in fear; there seemed to be no warrior, who could confront the king.1528.

CHAUPAI When Krishna saw Shiva running away, then he reflected in his mind that he would then fight with the enemy himself; either he would kill the enemy of die himself.1529.

Then Krishna went before the king and waged a dreadful war; making him the target, the king shot an arrow and dismounted Krishna from his chariot.1530.


  1. wow i have not heard this story before. Does the story go on? What happened to Kharag Singh & Krishna?

    IS there a full translation online?

    And who is exactly is Kharag Singh?

  2. The story of Kharagh Singh is very detailed. You can find it on

    Kharag Singh according to many Sikhs scholars, is the Khalsa.

  3. oh i always honor the khalsa, but after reading this blog, i came to know that what a lier is the blog writer, o foolish one ! why dont you write the right story,