Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Does the Khalsa look like Shiv Ji?

Khalsa has a Dastar. Shiva has no dastar.
Khalsa wears bana. Shiva wears a loin cloth.
Khalsa is dark blue. Shiva is light blue.
Khalsa carries a Kirpan. Shiva carries a trishool.
Khalsa wears a Kamarkasa. Shiva does not.
Khalsa keeps Kesh. Shiva keeps dredlocks.
Khalsa has a beard. Shiva does not.


vijaydeep Singh said...


We have the verse in Chaupayee Sahib, servants of God/Sevkans being given pleasure/Sukh of having qualities of Shiv/Sivgun.

Krishna is called Shiv Roop.
(Shri Dasam Guru Darbar)
So more than attire it is to do with quality.

Shiv means kalyankari literally meaning dogooder and not the hindu demigod.

In the same light Akal is called Shiv in Adi Guru Darbar(Ang 553)

And blessing is asked from same while adding "a" as postfix to it with Shiva. "a" makes the meaning as a tendency of doing good or welfare.(in Hindi Praviti or tendency is taken in as feminine gender).(Shri Dasam Guru Darbar, last part of Chandi Charitra).

So it is more for the quality then guise.


vd Singh

Ace said...

Similarities between Nihang Panth and Shiva:

-both wear Aad Chand (Nihangs wear it over Ajna Chakra on their Dumalla, Shiva wears in his hair)

-Shiva is the Lord of Hashish, Nihangs partake in consumption of Sukha

-Shiva is the Lord of Martial Arts, Nihang Singhs were expected to learn these Vidya. Many Sikhs nowadays believe that by merely carrying a shastar/kirpan it makes them a warrior. If you don't know how to wield your weapon effectively against an attacker, it is safer to not carry it at all.

-Dasam Granth contains "Chandi di vaar". Who is Chandi's consort? Shiva. Therefore Chandi's Vaar can be looked at as a Nihangs praise to his Divine consort (Shakti/Chandi). Shastar pooja is Chandi pooja.

look at the top (3 prongs) of the Khanda (Symbol) - this is the same shape of the Trishul which Shiva carries.

Many mainstream Sikhs nowadays have developed an attitude of non-tolerance and almost a borderline terrorist mindset where they are trying to incriminate anyone who doesn't believe in their narrow point of view and opinions.

Sprituality is about experiencing Divinity, not about making rules and incriminating everyone who is different from you.


Admin at Misl-E-Hukumat said...

The Khalsa never recognised the traditionalist view that the Aad-Shakti could be taxonomized in a masculine and a feminine form. The application of Shiva was employed as a subtle dictum to liberate the stratified spheres of Hindu society from their xenophobic parallels.