Monday, 13 July 2009

Dharam or mindless violence - righteous or self righteous?

What is Dharam Yudh?
1. To battle against those people or ideologies that are destructive, that hurt, divide, enforce, manipulate, coerce, bully, intimidate, slander, brainwash, murder, rape, the innocent people.

How? With dialogue or the pen first; then if all other means fail the sword. (as said Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

What is mindless violence?

1. To hurt the innocent, slander, divide community, enforce will on another, rape women or men, intimidate people, manipulate the weak to do something, bully people into submission.

It is with sad regret that we have arrived at a vulgar level as a community. Any incident that occurs happens our first solution to resolve it is with violence. People aim to hurt the person mentally and physically, rather than punish them.

Recently a young man had his jaw broken in two places by a so-called preacher by his five henchmen. Did they want to punish him for talking to a girl on face book, or humiliate him, or did they wish to hurt his very being; for life? It looks like the second are you in Dharam or are you one of those people the Guru called dusht, or dokhi, are you a giver of pain or of peace to other beings that have the right to live like yourself?

Setting peoples cars on fire, slandering them on the internet, giving them threatening phone calls, creating malicious gossip, boycotting them, beating or stabbing them with weapons from behind are not Sikh actions.

It is the action of BEMUKHS, those who have turned their face away from Dharam. It is the action of criminals in the guise of being Sikh.

Be Sanmukh and fight the person with dialogue, then a punishment given by some Panj Singh with authority, not your local ghetto of mates.


Singh Khalsa said...

Kamalroop Singh, I am glad that someone has the good sense to bring this matter out in the open.

Whilst we shall leave specific names to one side, as I understand that this matter is currently with the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service (where hopefully justice will be served), it is amazing how things like this are not making headlines across all Sikh Forums and the Sikh Youth in the UK and Canada, who get worked into a frenzy over non-issues such as a Sikh lady wearing a sari, are gleefully silent when it comes to shameful, illegal and barbaric matters such as this happening at their doorstep!

In many ways, this is a testimony to how the Sikh community is so easily manipulated by the cult of personality and how such personalities (be it the one in question here or indeed the numerous Bhai Sahibs, Babas and Sants one can find aross the globe) can even in the 21st century, when the vast majority of the Sikhs have had the privledge to a good education, so easily have their way use a classic mix of garb, institution and language and the Sikh masses, like sheep, rather than the lions they proclaim themselves to be, follow these charlatans without a second thought or exercising any brain power on their own part!

Khalsa said...

I was just wondering what this post is referring to? Did a Singh beat up another with five people for him talking to a female on facebook?? i'm shocked. I haven't read any of this on any facebook forums. Is this true