Friday, 7 August 2009

Rag Mala is Gurbani

An sarup of Adi Guru Granth Sahib Ji that was commenced in 1661 AD showing Mundavani Mahalla 5, and Sri Rag Mala. It was written in Keeratpur Sahib.
A new web site, providing information about how Ragmala with photographic evidence, proving that Mundavani by Giani Gurditt Singh is simply misinformation.


jas said...

Thanks for valuable evidence. It was indeed necassary to get pictures of old manuscripts and find out whether they indeed have rag mala or not. Now no doubts. Thanks much again

kabir123 said...

I appreciate this too much. I am surprised with the thought that how much people will point fingers at Guru and Bani.
If this is not leashed at once, they will try to point fingers at our mool mantra, which in some videos is already happening.
I appreciate the work of all the Gursikhs putting their efforts while others can reap the benefit of their hard work and themselves can become gursikhs.