Friday, 30 October 2009

Gurdwara Sahib Leamington & Warwick, UK

Investing money in Bricks.

Vahiguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vahiguroo Ji Ki Fateh! It seems that our community has lost its senses. We are investing Sangats hard earned money into buildings but not into Sikhi. In the Punjab there are massive Gurudwaras that are empty every evening, and morning in many villages. In the UK we have the same disease spreading. Is making a massive building really a success? Is it really such a big deal? Or is it a big deal that one child learns Japji Sahib by heart, or the Sikhs aid the local community, provide shelter, or provide other facilities. In the U.K, Sangats have spents hundreds of millions of pounds, in making large buildings, which will burden the future generations with cost of repair. Southall has a huge heroin problem, but over 20 million was spent on bricks. Now we have another example of gross mismangement of Sangats funds. Why not buy an estate with 5000 acres with that amount of money. Small minds do small things. We have a made Sikhi a form of materialism, that a huge building reflects our faith. Our dedication to Gurbani and form is what the Guru asked for, but to deflect from this, we build large idols. What could we have spent 11 million on: 1. Sikh research. We have no permanant Sikh Chair in the UK. Therefore we have no academic represention by Sikhs at that level. 2. Invest in the youth, pay for peoples education. Invest in people not cement. 3. Provide care for our elderly citizens. 4. Tackle alcoholism and drug abuse amongst Sikhs 5. Domestic violence 6. Campaign against female infanticide. Real issues for real people. Buildings are fake issues for the fake Khalsa. Every week a Sikh in the UK converts to Islam. Why havent we funded youth Parchar? Why isnt Katha done in English to an English speaking youth? The reason people convert is that our Muslim brothers fund their youth, and spend money educating their youth in Islam. We only educate our kids to make have bigger cars, and bigger houses. The reality is we are empty inside, like this Gurughar will be most hours of the day. How many Muslims kids know the Qu'ran and how many of our kids know Guru Granth Sahib? Our kids dont even know why they have Kesh, or Mathha tekh. They dont even know why they wear a Kara! Do we make bigger Gurdwaras because we have bigger and bigger weddings, for marriages that sometimes last less than 6 weeks? Thats probably one of the reasons. Sri Darbar Sahib is modest in size compared to these modern American size Gurdwaras yet because of the devotion, it is the heart of Sikhi. In the past we had visable enemies, the Moghuls, the turaks our biggest enemy is the materialism, and cozy comforts that are eating our community up. But I spose we are all going to say 'its not my problem', the Gianis is like this like that.... If your sending your son or daughter to university this year, just remember our Muslim brothers have over 5 millions pounds to fund conversion each year. Kamalroop Singh Nihang

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