Monday, 1 February 2010

Dasam Granth Controversy Promoted by Anti Sikh Scholars

UK: Attempts made by pseudo-scholars of Sikhism to try and create controversies are a part and parcel of Sikhism these days. The in-depth knowledge needed to understand Sri Dasam Granth requires hard work. However, a new breed of pseudo scholars and Internet cut and paste merchants are the standard. Whilst many Panthic scholars who, by nature, are pro-Dasam Granth have had years of training and methodology related to religion, studies of scripture etc, the opposite side is literally naked! In their bandwagon are the ‘YouTube’ Gianis, truck drivers, an excommunicated ex-Jathedar of the Akal Takht and the self-appointed Singh Sabha Canada – what a joke.

Cut and paste scholars

The self-appointed Chief of this ilk of Pseudo-scholars is none other than a doctor from Southern California, USA. Having a delusion that he has a Doctorate in religion he has dreamt up many a claim on the Dasam Granth. His delusions include cut and paste notes on how the scripture of the Sri Dasam Granth is incorrect and has no history. He is infamous for creating the most hilarious theory in pseudo scholarship – namely, the British created the Dasam Granth. This individual is a medical doctor, but he is more concerned with the anatomical references in the Charitropakhyan! He should do what doctors of medicine do – do the job he knows, and treat medical illnesses. What scholarship do we expect from a medical Doctor who has no training in religious studies?

Whilst there are many saroops of the Dasam Granth from the time of the Guru through to the 18th century, only somebody with limited intellectual skills could come up with such a lazy theory. This insane theory centers on one Manuscript of the Dasam Granth based in the British Library which he claims has the same compositions as the standardised Dasam Granth. This manuscript from the late 18th century was bought by a collector of manuscripts named Colebrooke. On one of the pages is the term “Nanak Panthi Kabya” hence as a result this gentleman states that that the Granth is not called the Dasam Granth. He claims that this Dasam Granth from the late 1700’s was used in the standardized Dasam Granth by the Sodhak Committee. However, this is a lie. The Sodhak Committee looked at over 25 different recensions of the Dasam Granth. He also tries to fool the public with the term “Nanak Panthi Kabya”. Little does he know that it also appears in a Janamsakhi in the British Library. The name is a catalogue name for manuscripts. So there dies this ingenious theory of a cut and paste scholar.

Whilst Akali Phula Singh was being attacked by the British he was maintaining the maryada prevalent at the Akal Takht, the same maryada which is maintained by the Nihangs to this very day and two Takhts of the Sikhs, Patna Sahib and Hazur Sahib. If the Akalis were venerating the bani of Guru Gobind Singh why would the British create a Granth and then attack the same people who did prakash of it with the Guru Granth Sahib?

The prakash of the Dasam Granth at the Akal Takht (which the Akalis were in charge of) was removed by the SGPC in the 1940’s. However the other Takhts would not bow down to such a sacrilege and as a result the prakash continues with flourishing colours.

Religion for sale
Some of this doctor’s articles have appeared in the World Sikh News who are peddling the phobia of the Dasam Granth and promoting a Tankhyia ex Jathedar, together with a tabloid website Sikhchic. It is matter of fact that some persons have been going around offering money to the people behind shady websites and individuals to write negative articles regarding the Dasam Granth.

This is not surprising as the anti Dasam Granth lobby do not have a leg to stand on as a result they have turned to writers for sale. It has been known for some time that money is being offered to various scholars at Universities. As a result recently a score of articles have appeared from people including Dr Balwant Singh Dhillon (Guru Nanak Dev University), Dr Kashmir Singh (Guru Nanak Dev University), Dr Balkar Singh (Punjabi University, Patiala), Dr Gurnam Kaur (Punjabi University, Patiala).

Whilst these individuals who have not undertaken the work of the Dasam Granth in their PHD’s they are now been brought into the limelight. Even more surprising is that the phony calendar maker Pal Singh Purewal has been brought into prove that the dates within the Dasam Granth are incorrect. These people have no bounds. All 18th century texts accept the dates of compilation within the Dasam Granth but now a failed calendar salesman is now an expert on the Dasam Granth. What next a genealogist to prove that compositions were not written at Paonta or Anandpur? Or astronomers to prove that the Sun rises from the West and not East. The pseudo clans of Scholars these proagandists are breeding are bound to call day, a night and vice-versa

Anybody with a little bit of sense knows it takes years to build up a theory, and to undertake real research many manuscripts, books have to be studied. That is why there are experts on the Dasam Granth who have their degrees in Universities. To understand the Dasam Granth you need linguistic Skills, historical knowledge of Braj literature, the poets of the Guru, study of manuscripts and many other methodologies.

In one writing, they also tried to belittle the contributions of the members of the Sodhak Committee by highlighting their occupation, but omitting their Gurmat and literary expertise. That exposed their nefarious anti Sikh designs and real modus operandi big time.

It is earnestly hoped such people shed their hatred for scripture of tenth master. Money can buy you a new car or house but cannot buy real research.

Written by Jangbeer Singh, UK


Masand-Killer said...

Great Article!!

We need more Parchaar of Sikhi... New Pro Dasam Websites coming up Soon.... Keep Googling.

May Akaal Bless his FAUJ


Anonymous said...

Great article.These masands will vanish in new due course of time.Granth of khalsa is resurging and making a comeback

Anonymous said...

Illetracy fools everyone. Not only these internet cut and paste scholars but many illetrate gainies at local gurudwaras are too to blame. Majority of sikhs know nothing about gurus and the panth. Not even the money managers at the helm of affair. After independence how often has guru granth sahib and his followers offered their life to uphold the truth. Today harminder sahib is just a tourist destination and guru granth sahib a "book". OH my true guru,why are you silent when would you strengthen my brothers to stand by the truth and shun the maya of money or gurudwaras. All these crafted gurudwaras are nothing if we cannot stand by the truth. BUt i know nothing and have to learn because my guru is just a book and mon(silent)