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Barsi of Baba Santa Singh and Baba Chet Singh

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For the first time there is barsi in the UK for the respected leaders of the Buddha Dal, but can the Dal Panth in the UK get together under the Nishan Sahib of the Guru, or are the Singh's egos to inflated to care? Akali Baba Santa Singh spent his whole life uniting the whole Dal Panth, he was respected by each faction due to his awesome presence, learning and bhagti. Around Baba ji were all types of people, but they remained unified due to common beliefs, practices and enemies.
Today the Nihang Singhs who have barely even taken off in the UK are backstabbing each other, name-calling, gaining and loosing farlas, dissing each others personal lives to Jathedars to whom these matters are trivial. Nihang Singhs, the true Nihang Singhs are great, because they keep their traditions no matter what the whole world thinks. The traditions of Gurbani: Adi Guru, Dasam Guru, Sarbloh Guru Darbar; Gurbana, Nishans, Nagare, Shaheedi Degh and Jhatka. Why are the Nihang Singhs caring about public perception? It is Kalyug, public perception will always move too and fro. One day its one Baba , the next its another Sant, like a never ending fashion, but the Dal Panth has always been there eternally because of Gurbana and Gurbani - Seva and Simran. The Dal Panth has always done its bhakti and seva gupat, or are we heading for the popular vote? Have we become actors - Bazigars?
Brothers there is nothing here to take, the only opinion that matters to a Nihang Singh is what the Guru - Panth Ke Vali - would have said. We know our traditions are recorded in the sacred scriptures of Adi, Dasam, Sarbloh, we don't need anybody to prove this to us. Whoever is meant to be in the Dal Panth, will be in the Dal Panth regardless of the image we try and portray. Don't judge anybodies way of life but your own, that is being a Nihang Singh. Nobody has the right to decide who is a Singh let alone a Nihang Singh, nobody knows what is inside anybodies heart either.
Baba Santa Singh was ego less, as a Jathedar is somebody who looses their ego to keep everyone together, to keep the band together. Not a person who is in it for themselves. A Jathedar is a person who can resolve differences, as he remains impartial. These are the Jathedars I have seen in India. We can waste the next ten year worrying about what people think, or we can spend the next tens years following the hukam of Karma Yog, action - that Guru Kalgidhar gave to us. If we let popularity rule us, then we have no hope for a future, as we will just become a part of Kalyug like everyone else.
The Nihang Singhs need to decide if they are under the Nishan Sahib, or if they are putting on a show. If you are under that blue Nishna Sahib, then let go of all your differences and be One. Let us remember Baba Chet Singh restored the Shastar Puja at Dusshera, even though there was objection from the rest of the Panth.
Ik Oankar Satinam Gurprasadi.
Ham Akali Sabh Ke Vali Hamara Panth Niara hai
Nanak naam chardikalah tere bhane sarbatt da bhalla.
Kamalroop Singh
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Anonymous said...

Didn't Baba santa singh jee, backstab the panth in 1984 by rebuilding the akaal takht with the india gov's money and without blueprints or sangats/panths backing?

( just asking sorry if iv said anything wrong just read that somewhere before..)

Laadli Fauj said...

That is irrelevant to the point being put across in the post

Anonymous said...

if you look at the itihas carefully you will find that in 1986, Sikh pulled down the Sri Akal Takht, and did eve more damage.....

Baba Santa Singh used blueprints from Patiala, Punjabi University.

Anonymous said...

Is there any proof on your claims of baba jee using the real blueprints? why did the panth pull the akaal takht down again and rebuild it hmmmmmmmmmm and it is relevant no point picking what you like out of a guy even though hes stabbed the panth apparently...

Anonymous said...

If you meet the artist Satpal Singh Danish, he will tell you how the whole Akal Takth Sahib was pulled down, which destroyed all the frescos. Something the GOI didnt even do............ The Nihang Singhs repaired the Takht Sahib, the Khalistanis recuded it to rubble....

Anonymous said...

Why did Santa Singh cooperate with the GOI after the ghalughara of 1984??

Preservation of historical buildings, manuscripts and relics is an important issue which the Sikh community needs to deal with seriously. The absence of a culture for preservation has long prevailed and there are conflicting reasons as to why this has occurred. This subject needs to be discussed and solutions need to be sought.

However being a tool of the GOI after the GOI invades Darbar Sahib and 44 other Gurudwarae is not the behaviour of a Khalsa Singh or even a "Nihang".

During the time of Dasam Pathshah all Khalsa Singhs were Nihang Singhs, they were not merely warriors but also scholars and bhagats. Today we are being infiltrated by semi-lies such as The Udasis are/were a heretical sect which has done a lot of damage to GurSikhi scholarship, the "modern Nihangs" have not understood this.

Kamalroop Singh said...

Bhai Sahib there is a cassette of Baba Santa Singh dissing Indra Gandhi in 1984....have you heard it? Some Nihangs Singh in the Uk have got it, but have never published it....Indira Gandhi said to Baba Ji if you take out the Mahalla in Delhi we will use the Army, Baba ji said well were an army we arent scared. The Khalistanis have tried to labell Baba ji as a government stooge, with no evidence upto today, please provide the evidence, and let the Sangat assess it

Laadli Fauj said...

ultimately, Akal Takhat Sahib forgave Baba ji for any allegations the Panth had against him. That's the bottom line. Arguing about this is manmat. If you still have doubts, rather than perpetuating this never-ending debate, speak to Guru Maharaj for yourselves (this is generally done be posing a question to guru sahib and taking hukam), they'll tell you what's up. charnaa'ch benti, HATT jao. please.

balkar said...

the nishan sahib is where the shaheed singhs is the axis of the turning chakr of the khalsa, it is the shakta of the shakti, it is the order in the chaos
...let every singh, who is any kind of singh, gather round the nishan sahib...let those that gather not be seen as indivduals, rather let the oneness of the gathering be seen, the solidarity, the union, the brotherhood...

Anonymous said...

its the khalistanis and jarnail singh bhindrawala who have done more damage to the panth than anyone else. inocents were killed becuase of bhindranwala.. people in india dont even want khalistan, its just the hot heads here who are running around with there flags and t shirts kickin up a fuss about their fantasy land "khalistan

Kamalroop Singh said...

Im not sure if Sant Jarnail Singh was the problem. The problem is the people who use Sant Jarnail Singh as an excuse to murder, extort, use dirty tactics, and create violence!

Anonymous said...

Watch the below video at 47min to hear sant jarnail singh jees stance on baba Santa Singh, also present in the video is baba thakur singh, baba harnam singh rampurkhera valeh and sant baba nihaal singh - haria velah valeh. Programmes at Rampur khera

Kamalroop, u can say whatever u want. This does not change the truth in anyway.

Anonymous said...

He said other than Santa Singh Buddha Dalia all the Sants have helped me. he has not said he was a government agent............
he then goes onto say all the Nihang jathebandis SGPC and other Kirtan groups.... did nothing when he was in Bombay and the tobacco was thrown at he accusses everyone to be slack....Baba Nihal Singh turned up and Baba Harnam Singh were the only ones to turn up, so he is blaming everyone in actual fact.

Anonymous said...

Are the rumours true?

Anonymous said...


Where is Guru Ji's Khalsa ?

Having read all the above comments....I can honestly say that there is nothing in any of these comments which show any hint of Guru Ji's Khalsa.

Our actions seem to be our bickering...we spend all our time arguing over other's good and bad deeds....yet we ourselves have not accomplished anything.

What will we say when we stand before our Guru will we call ourselves Guru Ji's Laddlee Fauj...

AKJ UK said...

Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru ji ke fateh

There are serious allegations being circulated about the Nihang Jathedar of the UK.

Over the recent years the Nihangs (I use this term, although it is questionable), have slated all the Guru Panth's Jathebandiya on their websites, and promoted Hinduism.

Many people say leadership is about compromise. Leadership is about joint abyass, joint understanding, joint perspectives and humilty.

Sorry but the allegations do not point to this.

Once we have done ardas in front of Guru Maharaj, then we should be deadly serious.

When selecting the Jathedar, we should select the most spiritually progressed, and ideally only for one who is accomplished. He must not act alone, the process of choosing the Panj Pyares is based on selection based on Jeevan and Rehit. It is a process called Shood Shudaaie.

So, who are the Panj Pyares of Buddha Dal in the UK? When will there be a public statment made, and how can we be assured that these types of action do not occur again?

One is judged in the Court of Akaal by their deeds and not their position.

vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru jike fateh

Kamalroop Singh and others said...


Dear Bhai Sahib,

firstly your questions are misdirected. Although I am a member of Buddha Dal India, I am independant and not a part of Buddha Dal UK, or Nidar Singhs group.

Secondly allegations are allegations, proof is what counts.

Thirdly please visit and employ an email, if available, from there.

All the best,

Kamalroop Singh

Anonymous said...


I would have to admit that I am typical mainstream Amritdhari Sikh,ie not leaning towards AKJ, Nihang, any Sampada, really just want to go Gurdwara, listen to Bani, and do some Sewa. Beyond that, must admit that the politics is too much for me.

But, I attended the Clifton Road Akhand Path, and was impressed, and the more I learn about the Nihang and traditions the more it appeals to me.

I would be really interested in knowing if there is any affilation, or setup here in the UK which has official ties with Budha\Tarna Dal (India). Does anyone know of any organisation\Gurdwara.

If not I think there should be. I think it would be good to work with Budha or Tarna Dal (india) to establish something 'official' here in the UK. I think this will help limit the confusion\misinformation, spread by some parties\groups in the Uk.

- Does anyone know of any Nihang Singhs, that now live in UK, that are approachable....I heard there's a Baba Ji at Shepards Bush Gurdwara, sorry dont know his name.

There has also been a big debate in the UK about which is authentic and untouched by time\British: Gatka or Shastar Vidiya. So would be great if a UK Gurdwara, Sangat, or someone could sponsor a couple Nihangs to come to the UK for a year or so, and actually teach, what is believed to be the original martial art of the Khalsa.

There are lots of youth in the UK, starting to lean this way, and we need to limit\misinforming them...and think best way to do this, is to work with Punjab\original Nihangs to help spread some of there knowledge here in the UK...I for one would be very interested to learn more or participate.

- hope above makes sense, not really thought pls Bhul Chook Marth.


Harleen Singh said...

Dear inSearch,


From good sources I have heard that 'Buddha Dal UK' are a part of Niddar Singh Nihang's group of anti-Sikhs. Most of this new group is mostly being the students of Niddar Singh.

Please read the below about why these people are anti-Sikh:

'you are clean shaven and eat pulses with millet....... We keep our hair, keep weapons, hunt and eat'

This was what one could read and be really disgusted! Nihang Niddar Singh breaking from Buddha Dal's ethics wrote his book 'In the Masters Presence- The Nihangs of Hazur Sahib' wherein he wrote such a lot of anti-sikh things.
I remember starting with the Sikhi, Nihangs fasinated me. That was the reason why I kept on researching on them. Niddar's website was like a list of nindyas of all the various sects and jathebandis within sikhism.
Niddar is not a NIHANG BUT a threat to Sikhi!!!!!!!!!
Niddar is not a Nihang at all, he is a disgrace to the Nihangs, the Nihangs are the army of the Guru, true Nihangs like Baba Nihal Singh do parchar of the Guru and only the Guru. Daas wants to say that Niddar and Nihangs are very different.
1. Nihangs state that Chatka should be done with one vaar and there is a set maryada for this. Niddar on the other hand says eating meat from anywhere is ok; it doesn’t matter if it’s done by maryada. FACT
2. Some of Niddars chele go to Clubs and touch up bibia. FACT
3. Nihang maryada is to do sukha, by making shardiyai and then adding a little bit of pang in there, cannabis. Niddar says alcohol is ok, and other booze is fine. Some of Niddar’s boys do A CLASS DRUGS. AGAINST NIHANG MARYADA. FACT
4. Niddars aim is to DESTROY SIKHI, the works of RSS and Muslims are also other threats to SIKHI. NIDDAR IS A THREAT TO THE SIKH PANTH!!! He attracts innocent individuals by shastar vidiya and then in later stages confuses them by his views and then destroys their life. FACT
5. Niddar believes, as proved on his site, that a KHALSA DOESN’T have to be amritthari, or take amrit from the panj piyareh. FACT.
Daas must have missed many more mentionable points. Niddar and his poor Chelle approve of almost everything that Sikhi condemns. Please do remember that Daas is not encouraging that we eat meat even if it is in maryada as it will affect ones spiritual journey but because this is still a panthic issue Daas and others need to respect it.

Anonymous said...

I have a dubidha for long time. I have heard from some nihang singhs that Baba Santa Singh poisioned Baba Chet Singh ji, Baba Chet Singh ji then gave sort of sraap to Baba Santa Singh that you too will die "gall ke". It is a fact that Baba Santa Singh's lower portion of body got infected with puss. Some say present chief Balbir poisioned Baba Santa Singh. is it true?