Saturday, 2 November 2013

Wise words of Kapur Singh



Once when I was with Kapur Singh at his Chandigarh residence some youngmen came and asked Kapur Singh a question; “What should the Sikh Youth do to save the Sikh Panth from the worsening situation?” Kapur Singh remained silent for some time and then said, “I will answer the question if you do not ask another question and leave us alone, we have met after many months.” The boys agreed. Raising his voice in bitterness of his experience of thirty years he said in a prophetic tone, “Remove three ‘B’s’ and three Jathedars from the political stage before it is too late and the Sikhs may get an opportunity to throw up new courageous and enlightened leadership who can guide the Sikhs in the right direction.” Then to clarify he added after a short time, “the three are Balwant Singh, Badal and Barnala and three Jathedars are Gurcharan Singh Tohra, Jagdev Singh Talwandi and Jiwan Singh Umranangal”. The record of treachery and betrayals of these three B's and three Jathedars are very much before us. Their performance in the last five years would put every Sikh to shame except their shameless Akali drum-beaters. — Kapur Singh's political thoughts and his Akali Dal resolutions (Dr Trilochan Singh)

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