Thursday, 4 December 2008

Raping the Land - Mata Dharat Mahat

Intensive farming methods, chemicals, GM-food, pesticides, have all taken their toll on the land of the Punjab. The desertification of Punjab is occuring, with the top soil eroding away, due to lack of tree planting, and not allowing the land to rest.
The Punjab is now full of drugs, alcohol, and gambling. The men are on drugs, and they are making the land chemically dependant. What have the so-called preachers done to educate people? The answer is nothing, because ignorant people are easier to manipulate.
Punjabi brothers wake up....before you find yourself in a barren desert.
In the Jap Ji, Guru Nanak bows down to the creativity of the Divine Being, Guru Nanak also describes the land as a mother. Therefore shouldn't Sikhs have some sense of environmental responsibility?
A reader of this blog, Stephen, commented:
There is another active part to desertification in your land and elsewhere: the aquatic weed Typha. Your nation has Typha elephantina and Typha angustifolia in large quantities. Typha is a dessication machine. The infestations in Africa are a driving force in the expansion of the Sahara. I'm a rabble-rouser and cheerleader for the control of aquatic weeds, particularly Typha. Typha appears to be the most dessicating of the bunch, because it survives the dry conditions it creates for quite some time. It is also the most exploitable of the problem weeds. It is an excellent energy plant, suitable for ethanol, biogas or charcoal production. When grown in clean water, it is an excellent food plant. Attached is a sketchy little plan I'm circulating for control by exploitation of aquatic weeds, to do with as you ill. It is oriented to Africa, but the plant is basically the same worldwide.
The plan Stephen has kindly provided will online very soon. Many thanks Stephen!

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