Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Real versus fake Sadhus.

Real Sadhu - Fake Sadhu

1. Not married, no female disciples - Most disciples are female or likes to hug up next to Singhs out of "pyar". Clearly homosexual.
2. Separate from maya - Regularly takes Sangats money
3. Does not touch money - Regularly checks the accounts
4. Not after a following - Into self promotion and making a following, gaining stages
5. Does not talk much - Can never keep quiet, and talks about their own life, with parrot like memorised Gurbani inbetween to keep the act up. Then does not talk for a week.
6. Does not eat much - obsessed by food after periods of not eating.

7. Does not sleep much - Regular naps
8. Vegetarian - Vegetarianism is the main philosophy of the cult.
9. Engrossed in Seva and Simran - Tells everyone else to do it, but sits on a Manja. Tries to use Gurbani to obtain occult powers, to trap people.
10. Loves existence - is cynical of all existence, has no trust, and looks suicidal, with manic episodes. Which he labells as Bairag and Chardikalah respectively.

Sukhamani Sahib talks about a true Sadhu, a Sadhu is one who is separate from materialism.
Sadh Ki Mehima Bedh Na Janai.

so saadhhoo bairaagee soee hiradhai naam vasaaeae That person is a Holy Saadhu, and a renouncer of the world, whose heart is filled with the Naam.
Guru Amar Daas Ji Siree Raag 29

Real Sadhus know that lust is a very powerful force, therefore they always kept a respectful distance from women, to protect their own dignity and others. Today in Punjab and else where, women are the major followers of these fake Sadhus. When the sex drive is repressed and then reappears, it can become twisted and perverted. Hence why so many women are molested and raped by these fake Sadhus. People need to be educated as to what a real Sadhu is. Please pass the message on.
Today some of the youth doing Parchar, are like Chameleons and Snakes. They say different things to please in different sects to keep politically correct, for their own fame and glory. They have no sense of truth and they remind me of this character in the Jungle Book:

There are a number of them. When they are with different Jathas they adjust their opinions accordingly. In the "Panth" there are number of these chameleon like characters, who have no back bone, or any sense of integrity and truth. They just want to be worshipped and respected, as they are addicted to this. Please watch out for people who twist, turn, and change colour in seconds............

"A Khalsa cannot become a robber.

But there are many robbers claiming to be Khalsa.", said by Akali Sant Baba Nihal Singh Ji

They think they are political leaders, and have the right to create their own cancerous forms of Sikhism. They feel that their own thinking is higher than tradition and the Sikh Rahit Maryada. Rather like Teja Singh Bhasauria, Handalias, Ram Rai, Darshan Das, and so on. Many are in the garb of Khalsa roop. Please be careful. The Masands were taken care of by Guru Gobind Singh. May that day come soon...............................

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