Monday, 21 January 2013

The pros and cons of the Jatt................

“A serious contradiction afflicts the Jatt farmer of the Punjab. He has unflinching faith in Guru Gobind Singh, yet at the same time he is 
imbued with traits typical of a Jatt. There are two sides to the Jatt’s known traits. One has a positive effect in the sense that it saves him from feeling inferior; and the other side is negative. It makes him overbearing and arrogant which is a disease. A jatt’s negative traits can be suppressed only through the true spirit of Sikhism.”

Professor Kishan Singh:

^ "WSN-Op-Ed-The Malaise of Jat Consciousness". 2008-08-13. Retrieved 2009-08-10

Suppressed or reconciled.?


Anonymous said...

where can we watch your tv interviews? I live in Canada so we cannot access bbc from here.

Anonymous said...

What is this nonsense? Some ones opinion on Jat Sikhs? Does that make it a Fact then? I have opinions on many other "castes" and religions. If I was to say "There are two sides to the Negro/Black man. A positive and negative. The positive is he is strong and good at sport. But the negative is he lazy to work"
Does that make it fact? Just because it is an OPINION I might have? No! Of course Not!! So to say that above is offensive and wrong. Unless you have scientific studies to prove your OPINION. Because that is all it is. An opinion being masqueraded as fact!! Have some shame.
(My comment regarding the negro was an example of bigotry only. And NOT my belief or opinion)