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AKJ.ORG and Dasam Granth Sahib Ji / Ragi Darshan Singh

Unfortunately some of the AKJ think different to the founder of their sect, Bhai Randhir Singh, who firmly believed in the Dasam Granth Sahib Ji. Some of the AKJ are following Ragi Darshan Singh. Darshan Singh has picked up the arguments of Shamsher Singh Ashok, who copied Teja Singh Bhasauria. Darshan Singh even questions the ardas, the same theory of Babu Teja Singh. For some reason these people are vent on redefining Sikhism. Bhai Randhir Singh quotes heavly from Dasam Granth in his writings. Today various "scholars" to distance themselves as much as possible from the Dasam Granth, to avoid "Hindusim"and Indian cultural symbolism, and in the process re-intepret the maryada. Most Sikhs agree that Darshan Singh should be excommunicated from the Panth. has recently issued a statement on their web forum clarifying their position on the Sri Dasam Granth. However their statement is not very clear and is in fact contradicted by various AKJ leaders who have taken a pro Dasam Granth Stance in 2008. In their statement it states that they speak for AKJ worldwide but this is incorrect as the name of AKJ is being tarnished by which is now creating confusionThe statements states that they have chosen not publicize the issue of Sri Dasam Granth and that “many have raised what seem to be plausible doubts about some parts of The Dasam Granth that, they say, are not the Rachanaa of our Guru Saheb”. This misleading statement confirms that their own faith has been shattered by some anti Dasam Granth proponents. So they seem to disagree with the latest Hukumnama directive on the Sri Dasam Granth which puts their own credibility in doubt. They also state “We are eager to see the researchers prove the facts, and whatever the facts turn out to be, and are agreeable to Khaalsaa Panth, Akhand Keertanee Jathaa will abide by the decisions of Khaalsaa Panth”. Unfortunately this rhetoric has put the AKJ in untenable position. They are not happy with the position taken by the Akal Takht. Especially in light of the fact that the prakash of the Sri Dasam Granth used to take place at the Akal Takht until the 1940’s when it was dislodged by some fanatics. They are not happy with the position taken by Takhts Patna Sahib and Hazur Sahib where prakash of Sri Dasam Granth takes place. Their publication is more worrying especially when some members of the AKJ leadership have come out with a pro Dasam Granth stance in 2008.1) In the Takht Damdama Sahib Conclave “a befitting reply to anti Dasam Granth was given by Bhai Mohkam Singh Ludhiana (Akhand Kirtani Jatha) - Bhai Sahib stated that it is shameful for ragi Darshan Singh to allege that if we believe in Dasam Bani, then we do not respect Guru Granth Sahib Ji. He countered, that in 1978 Singhs from the AkhandKirtani Jatha and the Damdami Taksal sacrificed their lives for the sanctity of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and they were ready to do that again if the need arises. He asked ragi Darshan Singh and his missionaries if they could show a single sacrifice they had made for the sanctity of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji”. So the recent statement is contradictory to the words of Bhai Mokham Singh. In Resolutions Passed at this conclave at Takht Sri Damdama Sahib against Ragi Darshan Singh it was signed by the AKJ.2) The AKJ refused permission for Ragi Darshan Singh to do Kirtan in January 2008.Jathedar Jagjit Singh Gaba and Ranbir Singh Jaura, President and Secretary respectively of Gurudwara Guru Tegh Bahadur Committee, Jalandhar refuted Prof Darshan Singh for using derogatory language against Guru Gobind Singh and his bani and refused him to perform kirtan at the Gurudwara on maghi day.
In light of the positive stance taken by several members of the AKJ it appears that the new stance by which they “state is the AKJ worldwide stance” is either misguided or that they have actually done a u turn like Ragi Darshan Singh himself. See for the statement available to read on the above website.
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