Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Politics, and the art of creating an enemy

In the War against Iraq, the USA and British governments bombared us all with " WMD WMD WMD WMD" like it was a mantra. It was used to create a war, and was all about oil and power. Was there any in the end? No.
If you analyse the tactics of the sects in the Panth for example the AKJ, Bhasauria, and missionaries. They regularly make new enemies, and then go out on crusades. It is all to generate fear in people. In this regard, there is a question:
If the Khalsa Panth was created by Guru Gobind Singh, and Guru Gobind Singh is in the Panth, Panth Ke Vali, what have we got to fear?
The latetst crusade is against the Nihangs. To demonise the Nihangs in the West, and the traditional maryada. It is understandable that Sikhs are not happy with and In my opinion, both sites do not give an accurate interpretation of the maryada of Buddha Dal, the traditional praxis of the Khalsa army.
The Nihangs are not Snatanist. We are the unique creation of Akal Purukh. In a talk at the Punjab Research Group I indirectly offended some Hindu guests there, when I stated that Dasam Granth Sahib is not concerned with Hinduism, but is a reinterpretation of Indian mythology, designed to invoke warrior spirit (Bir ras) against tyranny.

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