Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The psychology of fear

Nothing sells like fear! Recent events running up the Iraq war clearly demonstrates how fear was used as the primary factor to justify the invasion of Iraq.
Cult members like many Governments and dictatorship use fear as a psychological tool to manipulate and control individuals. By promoting enough fear within individual, they can be manipulated into giving up any and all freedoms in order to feel safe. Human beings have evolved to be free from fear wherever possible, an urge that is as basic as hunger, the need for shelter, etc
The same tactic are employed by groups and individuals for at least two reasons:
1. To create a sense of psychological and emotional distress so the individuals are easy to control. E.g The promise of Heaven for those Muslims who either destroy others or convert innocent by hook or crook.
2. Once the fear has been created, the group or individual then takes on the role of “rescuing” or “saving” the victims they have created, thus ensuring dependency.
Fear and anger are both responses to threats, one being contraction and the other active explosion. One cannot exist without the other to some degree. My intention is not to generate such destructive emotions, but to have a legitimate platform for discussion. However, with the level of anger that has been directed at me recently, it begs the question, what is there to fear? Perhaps, the only thing to fear is the “truth” in this case.
Gursikhi is based on unconditional love and acceptance, not fear nor exclusivity. Gurbani urges us to awaken, perhaps our discussions will help awaken those who have been manipulated and those who are being manipulated by their attachments (dependency) on such groups and sects.

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