Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Video of Akali Sant Baba Nihal Singh Ji talking about the Rahit and Kuttha

At 3: 28 in the video of a giving the Khalsa code at an intiation, Akali Sant Baba Nihal Singh Ji clearly says "that the Kurehat is Kuttha, which has the Kalma read over it and Halal". In a very clear tone he states that, "this is a Bhajjar Kurehat for the Khalsa". This is in line with the Sikh Rahit Maryada which states that eating Jhatka meat is ok for those Sikhs that eat meat. The Sikh Rahit Maryada states the second Kurehat is:

2. Eating the meat of an animal slaughtered the Muslim way;

Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice, it is not a part of the Sikh Rahit Maryada. Read this article, it explains in modern terms, why the tenth Guru forbade the Sikhs to eat Halal:

Akali Baba Nihal Singh Ji is one of the greatest Sikhs in modern times. He is one of a handful of Sikhs to know the Adi, Dasam and Sarbloh Granths, as well as exegesis, correct pronunciation, martial arts, shooting, and Horse riding. Baba Ji has spent his life in the service of the Panth.

However some people have manipulated the actual reality of Baba Ji's beliefs, to suit their own agendas. The a part of the Akhand Kirtan Jatha, state in this article that:

"There are many good Nihang Dals (groups). Missel Shaheedan Harian Vela is the one that comes to mind first. They do not consume meat, bhang, or alcohol, and their Jathedar, Baba Nihal Singh, suffered through torture after 1984. He was tied up behind a jeep and dragged, causing him much injury. This is at a time when many other so-called Nihangs were towing the government's line. The problem is not with the true Nihangs"

Conclusion: This is a deliberate distortion of truth by

If being a vegetarian gives us spiritual salvation. Then we should worship cows and rabbits, as by following that way of life they must be pure, as they have incurred no negative Karma. The principle held in Gurmat is that only the soap of God's name can wash away the inner darkness.

For more information please see:

A clarification:

Bhai Sahib Sant Randhir Singh Ji was a great Sikh. I have read the Jail Chittiya, about ten times. I love the book from the bottom of my heart. Bhai Sahib was a great being, who suffered torture at the hands of the British Government. His great actions speak for themselves.

However only the God, Guru, and Gurbani are perfect. Naturally the rest of mankind is fallable. Bhai Sahib Ji was close to Babu Teja Singh, some of the practices of the AKJ reflect that relationship. The aim of this blog is to see if these practices fall in line with the Sikh Rahit Maryada. I am sorry if my blog causes offence.


Anonymous said...

As you quoted and said that baba ji is not against meat,
rathar than comming to conclusions plese go and talk to baba ji first and ask them
dass asked baba ji about it and they said that dont even think about jhatka and meat until no more leaf is left on this planet
and in the video baba ji says not to eat halal
he dosen't say tat eat jhatka eather

singh said...

Actually ive asked him
That is y they do it themselves in harianvela
Have u been there and seen It
Shaheedi degh is there twice a day