Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Khalsa - Adi Guru Granth sahib Ji - The Rag Mala

Three great Mahapurush and firm believers in the completeness of Gurbani. They made great sacrifices for the Panth.!OpenDocument

Today we are told we should not read Rag Mala. We can read 1429 pages, and one page will give us a stomach ache? It's my Guru. Whether he wears mala, mund mala, raag mala, dand mala, what do I care? Guru is Guru. I'm not subjecting myself whether my Guru, which mala my Guru wears. My Guru has worn a mala. It's inferior or superior, it's bad or good, it's none of my problem. But you do not understand, in this scheme there's a scheme in it. They want to create a doubt on the Guru in your mind and heart. They are telling you that your Guru is not true. They are telling you, "Guru granth jee maanio pargat guraa kee de," is wrong. That's what they are telling you. And I am telling you, "Gur kee nindaa sune na kaan, Sees bhet kare kirpaan." --Old Punjabi Saying(Literal translation: A Sikh can never tolerate slandering againstthe Guru. He offers the head of the slanderer on his sword.) This is also a teaching. Sakat sang naa keejeeay dooro jaa-ee-ai bhaag." These people are not worth listening, seeing, and being with because they are initially creating a doubt on the Guru.

"I have no problem. Life is simple. I'm not willing to make my life complicated. I shall read Rag Mala as it is. I shall accept Siri Guru Granth as my Guru and the Guru for me and my children as it is. It shall never ever be a holy book to me. It shall be a living Guru to me. It is not an Atma to me. It is a Para Par Param Atma to me. I shall live for it and if time asks me, I'll die for it. I'm born out of it, and I also know how to merge in it. I respect it very well. In this Guru I dwell. Nobody can take it away from me. " Yogi Bhajan.

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