Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Statement

I am not questioning your good intentions surrounding the editorial article. However, I would like make a categorical denial of claims in your editorial that pertain to me. Firstly, I am not a follower of Niddar Singh. Secondly, I do not believe in Snatanism. My PHD involves the study of the manuscripts of the Dasam Granth as well as the siginificance of the Dasam Granth to the Khalsa. As previously stated by me on your website:
I do not believe that Sikhi is Snatan. Sikhi is Sikhi. Khalsa is the Third Panth, the third way. The Khalsa belongs to the Guru, and the Guru to the Khalsa. The Khalsa is not an off-shoot of any other movement. It became manifest by the order of Akal . I would ask you to publish this reply so that your readers are aware of facts that are personal to me.
Kamalroop Singh

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