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ARE SIKHS HINDU OR MUSLIM? and have contents that are against the principle of Sikhi (Gurmat), hence for the benefit of the Sangat I have written the below article.


The last few years have been a rollacoaster ride, of meeting many interesting people. Two such personalities have been Francisco Luis, also known as Bahadur Singh Nirmala, and Bahadur Ali Shah. As well as Surjit Singh Bains, also known as Nidar Singh Nihang. Both have diametrically opposed views, one believes Sikhs are Muslims, and have come from Islam. The other believes Sikhs are a part of the Hindu Panth. They both try to employ Sikh literature to prove their points. This post will discuss their opinions.
From my own research, I have found that the Sikhs are a unique creation of the Guru, and are not a continuation of the Hindu or Islamic traditions.
It is true the Guru had followers from both the Hindu and Muslims, the Guru was a Spiritual teacher and King, so it is not a surprise that people came to him to learn about the truth. Guru Nanak had a friend and follower Bhai Mardana who was a Muslim. He also had a friend who was a Hindu, Bhai Bala Sandhu. Today the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is a universal teacher for mankind, and the Guru Khalsa Panth is there to serve humanity. The Harimandir Sahib is for all religions to come and worship, it is the temple of God. Guru Nanak was known as a Pir of the Muslims, a Lama of the Buddhists, the Guru of the Hindus, and a Saint of the Christians. The Guru belongs to all of mankind, even as Sikhs we cannot lay claim to his greatness and mercy.Nanak Nam Chardikalah Tere Bhane Sarbatt Da Bhalla.
If anybody asks a Sikh who are you, they will positively affirm I am a Sikh. I have never heard a Sikh say I am Hindu, or a Muslim. When Sikhs are born they do not shave the head, repeat Vedic Mantras, the Kalma, or Qur'anic verses, they do not circumcise, call a Maulvi, or Brahmin priest. All of these are considered anti-Gurmat. When a Sikh goes to give evidence in court, the Sikh swears by Guru Granth Sahib (although it is questionable if this a good practice), not the Qur'an or Veda. When a Sikh eats, a Sikh does not pray to demi-Gods to bless the food. It is blessed by Kirpan and a Prayer to God and Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The practice of Jhatka is against the Islamic injunction of Halal, and Brahmanic injunctions of vegetarianism. Sikhs have taboo's that are different to Islam and Hinduism. For instance Sikhs abhor tobacco, Muslims freely smoke the Huqqah, and so do Hindus. Pork is not forbidden for Sikhs, but it is for Muslims.
Sikhs do not believe that religious beliefs will save them. They believe in the Grace of God that is available to all. In the closing of the Jap Ji Guru Nanak says that our deeds decide if we are close or far from God. Those that meditate with focus on God, their faces become bright, and they save many others.This is about practice, not belief. E.g. that by reading the Kalma I am saved, or by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, I am saved. Or by bathing in a Tiratha of the Hindus, my sins have been cleaned. Or by not killing any insect like the Jains I am purified. The Guru does not accept any of these ideologies. The Guru states by good actions and prayer/meditation we gain the Grace of God. Seva and Simran therefore are the two main practices, not beliefs of Sikhs.
What I think doesn't really matter. What the Guru has thought, his Mat, is what matters. This is all that counts on a level of theological understanding and maryada. According to Gurmat, from the holy gurbani, of Adi Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, and Sarbloh Granth Sahib Ji. As well as the writing in Bhai Gurdas, Svaiye, and Kabitts. The beautiful writings of Bhai Nand Lal, as well as other court poetry, is what we try to understand to make any conclusion about what we are and what we should do and think. In this regard, from my humble research: SIKHS ARE NOT HINDUS OR MUSLIMS. There is no tukh were the Guru, has written that he belongs to a religion. The Guru has stated that Dharma is what counts. Action is what counts, not how anybody labells themselves. That Dharma Raja/Angel Gabriel does not care about labells, he judges us on our deeds. This is where the holy Jap Ji Sahib of Guru Nanak concludes. That the great action is to focus on the Nam of Vahiguru. Infact in the Ugradanti bani Guru Gareeb Niwaj Kalgidhar Maharaj, states that the Khalsa Panth is the third way. The Khalsa Panth is neither Hindu, nor Muslim, Buddhist, Jain, or Christian, or a part of a Yogic tradition. The Guru narrates the attributes of the Khalsa:
The Khalsa is Brave.
The Khalsa is a true Guru.
The Khalsa is unique.
The Khalsa is my true friend.
Sri Sarbloh Granth Sahib Ji

The Khalsa is the supra religion, we encompass all with our blue Bhesh, as we have come from the One Akal Purukh, with his own blessing (mauj).
Therefore the Khalsa is not Hindu, nor Muslim, nor is the Khalsa from the Shiva Akhara. Guru Nanak coming from the River Bein, said 'There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim'. Bhagat Kabir reiterates this in Gurbani also, as well as the fifth master. The tenth master in the Khalsa Mehima talks of how the Khalsa only worships the true radiant light of the inner self, and non-else.
Khalsa does not accept the authority of any scriptures over any other. Nor do we wear the thread of the Brahmin. The only thread we wear is the strap of the Sri Sahib. We do not circumcise, we do not go on pilgrimage to Mecca. We are free, and will always be free.
Khusiya Da Jaikara Gajavey Nihal Ho Javey Guru Gobind Singh Man No Paveh Sat Sri Akal Gurbar Akal Degh Tegh Fateh Panth Ki Jeet!

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