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Saints and vegetarianism

The word Sant means a seeker of the Truth, or one who has merged into the Truth. The word Sadhu means a renunicate from the world. Over the years many Sikhs have called Sadhus, Sants and vice-versa. The Nirmala Panth was of Sants, and Sadhus, some being gristi and others being celibate. The Udasi Panth was mainly Sadhus.
In the last 150 years in Punjab the Sadhu-Sant movement has been huge. Kahn Singh Nabha writes " the Sants are preaching eating meat is wrong, this is against Gurmat". The passive, Sadhu-Sant movement was patronised by the British rulers and Royal family. Many of the "great" Saints of the last 150 years were regularly visited by the British regency. Most Sants never wore a Kirpan, and were into Ahinsa, complete non-violence. This served the interests of the colonial rulers very well.
Today all over Punjab, there are an unknown number of white clad, vegetarian, passive, cultish Sants. The Sant movement originated in some respects out of the scholaristic movement of the Nirmala Sikhs, and aseceticism of Udasi's. These Sikhs wore Salmon Pink, orange, or white, and were scholars of Sanskrit. Mostly Sadhus, who were unmarried, they wrote books to defend the ideas of Gurmat, via giving "proof" from Vedant, or other Indian philosophies.

Most Sants today are unaware of their origins, and have been "reformed". As they follow the Sikh Rahit Maryada, and wear a Kirpan. Although it is fair to say, whether the Kirpan is sharp or usable, or if they know how to use it, is questionable. They prefer to stay Shant and in general keep away from the Bir Ras spirit. It is common in Sant deras to tell people not to read Chandi Di Var, or other Dasam Granth bani. However they do still believe it is Guru's bani. There are exceptions here like the Dam Dami Taksal who keep armed. While on the other hand Namdhari's read Dasam bani, but do not keep armed.
The old tradition was that a Sadhu could not keep worldy items, as a Sadhu was separate from maya. However the Sadhus of today put the Gangster rappers to shame, with the bling bling they have.

Nihang Sant Soorma Sahid Avatar Singh Brahma, who single handedly killed thousands of rapists, murders, and paedophiles in the Punjab police. For many years he practiced Jhatka, in the Baba Biddhi Chand Nihang Dal.

Some Nirmala scholars, paid off by their British masters, condemed the practices of the Khalsa in some texts. At one point they even attempted to create the Nirmala-Buddha Dal, but lost their battle in the British court. All of these were attempts to dissolve the Saint-Soldier ideal of the Khalsa created by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guru Gobind Singh told the Khalsa to be armed at all times, it is our right as a Sovereign Nation. " Saif Sarohi Saythee, Yahai Hamarey Pir". Shastar Nam Mala Puran. Dasam Granth Sahib Ji.

Nirmala Sant Giani's in the passive traditional Nirmal Bhek/dress.

However the Nirmala Sants kept the Sikh tradition alive when the Christians nearly converted all of Punjab to Christianity. This was a great service performed by them, for the Khalsa Panth. There also have been examples of Nirmala Saints like Bhai Maharaj Singh who fought against the British. In the next few weeks, there will be a post about the life of this great Brahmgiani.

The True Nirmala Sadhus like Baba Nand Singh were not gristi, never took money, and spent their whole life in meditation on Akal Purukh. Most of the Sants today are a mismatch, of Singh Sabha reform, Sikh Rahit Maryada, Vedant Hindu thought, Gristi Jivan, Nirmala Bhekh, etc. Brahmgianis like Baba Nand Singh Ji spent YEARS in unbroken meditation and gurbani, and YEARS in seva. Vegetarianism was originally linked to the idea of renunication, and those not living a gristi jivan, and spending literally hours in constant simran. See the Shabad at the end of the post:
"Forsaking these delicacies, one becomes a true Sannyaasee, a detached hermit. Nanak reflects and speaks. 2"
This was a sattvic lifestyle, and puritanical. For the Khalsa, Rajas Gun was needed, to fight in war, and to have energy to live in gristi. Strict vegetarians can often feel cold, withdrawn, and having low physical energy levels, depending on their strictness of diet. Ascetic vegetarian Sadhus used to meditate in the Indian Sun to keep warm, as well as infront of fires (dhuni). Whereas these feelings can help meditation, it can be detrimental to the body. Therefore the maryada of Jhatka existed in the Panth from the very beginning. As the Khalsa is a Karma-Yogi.

Baba Nand Singh Ji, on his Bairangam. In complete union with Akal Purukh.
Hindu and Jain Gujarati's are strict vegetarians, to make heat in their bodies, they add in lots of spices. In the UK many of them suffer from high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, heart attacks etc. This could be due to their strict vegetarian, high carbohydrate, high fat, low protein diet. It could increase fat and decrease lean muscle.
In Gristi ashram meat is allowed. This was even written by the vegetarian Nirmala Sikhs. In the Prem Sumarag Granth, Guru Gobind Singh writes about Jhatka, and what types of meat to eat, as well as the methods of slaughter. In worldy life, physical energy is required. In spiritual life, mental energy is required. The Khalsa is the middle, therefore the Khalsa eats a balanced diet. Just eating meat, kills the energy of the mind. To just eat fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables, eventually kills the energy of the body.
As soon as it is possible, on this blog will be a step by step guide of how to do Jhatka, with the various bani's from the Adi Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Dasam Granth Sahib Ji.
At Kurekshetra at a Hindu festival, Guru Nanak was brought as a gift a Deer, that had been hunted. It was being cooked, the Brahmins found and protested. See Janamsakhis of Guru Nanak, the Guru replied to the insulted Brahmins:

Salok, First Mehla:

First, the mortal is conceived in the flesh, and then he dwells in the flesh.
When he comes alive, his mouth takes flesh; his bones, skin and body are flesh.
He comes out of the womb of flesh, and takes a mouthful of flesh at the breast.
His mouth is flesh, his tongue is flesh; his breath is in the flesh.
He grows up and is married, and brings his wife of flesh into his home.
Flesh is produced from flesh; all relatives are made of flesh.
When the mortal meets the True Guru, and realizes the Hukam of the Lord's Command, then he comes to be reformed.
Releasing himself, the mortal does not find release; O Nanak, through empty words, one is ruined. 1

First Mehla:

The fools argue about flesh and meat, but they know nothing about meditation and spiritual wisdom.
What is called meat, and what is called green vegetables? What leads to sin?
It was the habit of the gods to kill the rhinoceros, and make a feast of the burnt offering.
Those who renounce meat, and hold their noses when sitting near it, devour men at night.
They practice hypocrisy, and make a show before other people, but they do not understand anything about meditation or spiritual wisdom.
O Nanak, what can be said to the blind people? They cannot answer, or even understand what is said.
They alone are blind, who act blindly. They have no eyes in their hearts.
They are produced from the blood of their mothers and fathers, but they do not eat fish or meat.
But when men and women meet in the night, they come together in the flesh.
In the flesh we are conceived, and in the flesh we are born; we are vessels of flesh.
You know nothing of spiritual wisdom and meditation, even though you call yourself clever, O religious scholar.
O master, you believe that flesh on the outside is bad, but the flesh of those in your own home is good.
All beings and creatures are flesh; the soul has taken up its home in the flesh.
They eat the uneatable; they reject and abandon what they could eat. They have a teacher who is blind.
In the flesh we are conceived, and in the flesh we are born; we are vessels of flesh.
You know nothing of spiritual wisdom and meditation, even though you call yourself clever, O religious scholar.
Meat is allowed in the Puraanas, meat is allowed in the Bible and the Koran. Throughout the four ages, meat has been used.
It is featured in sacred feasts and marriage festivities; meat is used in them.
Women, men, kings and emperors originate from meat.
If you see them going to hell, then do not accept charitable gifts from them.

The giver goes to hell, while the receiver goes to heaven - look at this injustice.
You do not understand your own self, but you preach to other people. O Pandit, you are very wise indeed.
O Pandit, you do not know where meat originated.
Corn, sugar cane and cotton are produced from water. The three worlds came from water.
Water says, ""I am good in many ways."" But water takes many forms.
Forsaking these delicacies, one becomes a true Sannyaasee, a detached hermit. Nanak reflects and speaks. 2
Adi Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 1289-90. Rag Malar: Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
Guru Gobind Singh:
If the Khalsa is independant. I bestow all power to it.
If they follow the way of the Brahmins, I have no faith in them.
Sri Sarbloh Granth Sahib Ji

The Marayada of Jhatka at Sachkhand Hazur Sahib:

1. The Sri Sahib is not just a symbol it has usage. The best way to train, to get the feel of any weapon, is to use it. Decapitating humans is simply out of the question, the Samurai used to practice on murders and rapists. To perfom Jhatka on a male goat is not against Sikh practices. In fact the Sikh Rahit Maryada allows this practice.

2. To apply ceremonial marks of Bhog on Shastar is also not against Sikh practices. As Karah Parshad has bhog, (ceremonial meeting between the Parshad and the Kirpan) called Kirpan Bhet. Jhakta is also another form of Kirpan Bhet. The flour was also alive at some point just like the goat:

Guru Nanak asks in Rag Malar "what is vegetable, what is meat?"

Guru Ji states:

Meat is allowed in the Puraanas, meat is allowed in the Bible and the Koran. Throughout the four ages, meat has been used.
Guru Ji said this is response to a vegetarian pandit , protesting at the Guru cooking a deer for the langar, at Kurekshetra. See Bhai Bala Janam Sakhi, and Gian Ratnawali Bhai Mani Singh Ji. Also see the shabads in Guru Granth Sahib Ji angs 1289-90.

Conclusion: Jhatka is scaremental food for langar. Known as Mahaprashad see Bhai Gurdas Vara. If rituals are a problem, we should not have chaur, sukhasan parkash, bhog, etc.


Hartej said...

veerji please when posting gurbani quotes can you post more then just teh english translation and actually put the gurbani tukh in gurmukhi on the blog?
Dhan Vadh

Kamalroop Singh said...

Hartej I will update with the Gurmukhi, unfornunately I am having some formatting problems.
When pasting in from Gurbani Search engines, the font gets lost.


TKF said...

Very good post. There is nothing wrong is eating jhatka or shikaar. Sikhs were meat eaters until recently. Jassa Singh Ahluwalia used to eat half bukkraa for lunch. Even Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindrawala writes that meat is okay to eat as long as it is jhatka. We are banned Halal for severa reasons.

1. Muslims read their prayers and say they are offering it to God. This is wrong as everything is God given so what are we offering to God? Also, we aren't slaves of Muslims to eat Halal.

2. They kill animal slowly which is cruel.

3. Muslims place bans on non-Halal meat in their countries and since Khalsa isn't a slave of anyone, we don't accept their slavery so we don't eat halal.

TKF said...

Also when Bhagat Kabir Ji says to refrain from mashulee, Bhagat Ji is talking about liquor. Maashulee comes from pali language. Maashulee is liquor derived from a tree known to those who speak pali.

There is not a single quote in Guru Granth Sahib Ji which says not to eat meat. Quotes have been mistranslated by derawalas to fool Sikhs and made them vegetarians so they can be turned into a form of Buddists and then slowly grinded to death like Buddists in India.

If Kutha was to mean meat, Guru Ji would have just said not to eat maas but didn't. Also singhs in past had no problems eating bukkras and murgaas in jungle.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Please post some views on too. There is an essay there similar to this

Well done

Anonymous said...

see also:

* Professor Gurbax Singh Dhillon - Meat Eating and Rehat Maryada
* Video Showing Jhatka at Hazoor Sahib

Anonymous said...

Very informative post singh ji waiting for step by step procedure to perform jhatka and i would also like to listen ur eggs.
May be if u can go in detail over the topic it would be great.


Anonymous said...

i would also like to listen ur views on eggs. **

sorry for the mistake ...

vijaydeep Singh said...

Machhuli is term for fish only and Why should Devotee Kabir use pali term in Bhojpuri, while in that language term Machhuli means fish.
Then why should he use term Sura or Liquor again if already talked ?

Kala Afghana, the biggest idiot ever read tries to connect Machhuli with prostitution, he might have used such words while in Punjab Police.

Even when Machhuli is fish, meat eating is not prevented. Here we have simple thing being told. Life with luxury of wine, drugs and meat along side ritualism of rules of fasting, pilgrimage go to underground/down the drain.(Ang 1377)

Anonymous said...

Totally wrong...!!!
What about Guru Hargobind Singh Jee's hukamnama which clearly states " maas mchaee de neree nehaan javanaa"" isn't that against any type of meat??

vijaydeep Singh said...

Guru Mahraj had name "Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib". and no Singh in his name. He sent order message/letter to the community of east, who were mercantile and they were told about meditation in the same order Message/letter. For people who meditate need to food is reduced, meat is a heavy food, unfit to be eaten then.

As per Bhai Gurdas Ji same Guru Maharaj hunted also, as he laid the foundation of spritual and temporal power. In military for muscle repair due to wear and tear of war, meat is best.

vd Singh

ravi said...

A Hindu/Sikh Organization named Jhatka Org is fighting for JUSTICE TO JHATKA, it's official website explains the whole scenario.Mr. Ravi Ranjan Singh on behalf of the Organization has filed a Petition to Parliament of India, for proper display of Logo of Jhatka or Islamic Halal at every selling point and product.

Anonymous said...

"Totally wrong...!!!
What about Guru Hargobind Singh Jee's hukamnama which clearly states " maas mchaee de neree nehaan javanaa"" isn't that against any type of meat?? "

Actually YOU are wrong, because this Hukammnama was NEVER verified and was produced by Randhiir Singh of the AKJ (a fanatical vegetarian).

In anycase there is a Hukamnama by Guru Gobind Singh ji that contradicts this!!

Anonymous said...

what kind of idiots think that dhan sahib sri guru gobind singh jee maharaaj served meat or ate meat, u should be killed for thinking that btw it aint acceptable to eat meat in gurdwara or at all. u clearly are not a sikh of dhan sri guru nanak dev jee maharaaj

Bikramjit Sidhu said...

Is it easier to swim with a 1 kg weight or with a 50 kg weight attached to the body ?
It is obvious that swimming with 1 kg weight is easier.
The same is true with diet. Vegetarian diet is the smarter choice in peace times. Guru Gobind Singh Ji said that "When all other options have failed, taking the sword in the hand is right.Let the sword be the LAST resort". Guru Sahib never went to war until pushed to the extreme. He always practised peaceful options before fighting someone. Let this be true for our diet also. Please kill some innocent animal for food if absolutely necessay, when all other options are exhausted.
If a person eats a veggie diet and spends about 2 hours in spiritual work (sewa simran), he will benefit not only his own spirit, but the spirit of all the food too.(because plants are living too). A person who eats meat will have to do much more spiritual work to benefit his own spirit and the animal's spirits which he ate for food. If sikhs during Guru Sahib's times ate meat, they sacrificed their lives too. God expects more from us if we eat non-veg diet.
When we eat some thing (veg or non-veg), we take on the additional responsibility of that thing. e.g when a man marries a women, he takes on the responsiblity of her well being. Eating something is one step deeper than marraige. Vegetarian diet brings in less responsibility because vegetables are lower in the food chain. Moreover, when we extract milk from a cow's body, the cow does not die. When we pick fruit from a tree, the tree does not die. We harvest wheat when it is fully ripe, but animals are killed young. Nobody would prefer to eat the meat of a goat after it dies. In short, we will reap whatever we sow.